Social Program Detail | April 27 2021

Taking the Message to Social Media

In 2020, while having to transition into virtual programming, Indika Foundation successfully executed programs that created a large impact. Kamar Belajar IF (Study Room Indika Foundation) is one of them. Through this program, Indika Foundation empowered other organizations through funding and capacity building. After going through a thorough process of selecting organizations that participated in the call for proposal, Indika Foundation awarded grants to 16 organizations that are mainly focused on the following main themes: critical thinking, empathy, and COVID-19 literacy.

Under the Kamar Belajar IF, Indika Foundation also launched the Bootcamp program, which invites representatives from various organizations to attend training related to social impact leadership for four to six weeks. This provides participants with tutorials to hone their skills in volunteer management, finance, and accounting, as well as proposal writing. The program was launched in response to Indika Foundation’s finding that there was a significant gap in proposal-writing skills between organizations in the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek) and those outside Jabodetabek. This finding was validated through focus group discussions (FGDs), and it informed the Indika Foundation that the absence of a network and the lack of access to information were key obstacles for organizations located outside of Jabodetabek. The Bootcamp program in 2020 was successful in providing mentoring to those who need it the most, as the participants of the Bootcamp program came from 26 different provinces.

Meanwhile, through another new program called Kelas Indika Foundation or KINTON (Indika Foundation Class), Indika Foundation opened a similar learning opportunity to the general public by holding weekly sessions with speakers from impactful and well-established organizations such as Inspect History, Indorelawan, and Narasi. In 2020, four sessions were held to discuss topics related to organizations and social change, such as: making innovations in the COVID-19 pandemic, creating and evaluating content, building a healthy work culture, and the importance of knowledge management for non-profit organizations.

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