Our Synergy

As Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, we bring together energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.


Ensuring Sustainability

Indika Energy believes that long-term growth in energy markets hinges on concern for and nurturing of the natural environment and relationships with communities. Therefore, we strive to be a responsible citizen of the regions, especially where our operations take place.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Imagine Working for
a World-Class Company

  • Our Vision

    Indika Energy is about sustainable growth toward strategic long-term goals through cyclical market shifts and it is our people whose abilities, skills, leadership and diligence that enable us to forge ahead.
    We believe in diverse backgrounds and unique skills, persistent efforts toward higher levels of ability and achievement, while listening to their individual voices to achieve a dynamic and innovative working environment that fosters the expertise necessary to ensuring sustainable business operations and advancement.

  • Strong Values

    Indika Energy nurtures a corporate culture of respect toward unity of diversity for teamwork, achievement and integrity in all business endeavors. Our integrity extends beyond good business practices to responsibility for enabling professional advancement for our people as they sustain the company’s growth in challenging times.
    Integrity is also embraced by each of our employees with the commitment to empowering stewardship of local communities and preservation and rehabilitation of the environment.

  • Professional Discipline

    Indika Energy knows that building a disciplined work ethic into workplace culture is imperative to ensuring optimal productivity and company profitability. This includes encouraging employee engagement through enabling our people to own and develop the expertise, competencies and leadership behavior they need in their day to day tasks.
    This cohesive discipline and commitment among our workforce inspires consistent quality improvement, excellence in corporate governance and the achievement of company strategies in both short and long terms.

Life at Indika Energy

  • Indika Energy consistently strives to create a great workplace where talented people can achieve exceptional things

  • Indika Energy empowers everyone in its corporate family - regardless of ethnicity, gender, age or background - to exceed and succeed

  • Indika Energy believes that unity is strength. We can achieve wonderful things through teamwork and collaboration

  • 8,000+
    Academic Diciplines
  • 35+
    Cities Where We Work
    Group Company

Brand of Indonesia

In 2011, Indika Energy was selected as one of 24 company role models out of 315 WEF Global Growth Companies (GGC) representing more than 60 countries.

GGCs are dynamic high-growth companies with the potential to be tomorrow’s industry leaders and to become a driving force of economic and social change. Few main criteria of being a GGC include:

  • Significant presence in the industry as measured by the revenues
  • Demonstrated growth potential
  • Capacity and intent to build a global business
  • Exemplary executive leadership
Profiled companies are role models either in its innovative technologies, new business models, or sustainable growth and social responsibilities, which are the key attributes shaping the true global future business leaders

Jeremy Jurgens, WEF Senior Director

We are very happy that Indonesia's reputation at the international level has been progressing significantly. Indika Energy's selection as role model of Global Growth Companies has proven the Indonesian company's quality as a world-class company. This is a very good news to the Indonesian business.

Mari Pangestu, Indonesian Minister of Trade 2004-2011

Indika Energy’s President Director was mandated to serve as APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Chair 2013 and APEC CEO Summit 2013 Chair, based on the Presidential Decree No. 79/M of the Year 2012.

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)

  • High-level business advisory as direct channel of business input to APEC Leaders – Presidents and Prime Ministers – and Ministers
  • Discuss ideal framework for trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region
  • 63 Members appointed by the APEC Leaders representing 21 APEC economies

APEC CEO Summit 2013

  • The premiere business event in Asia-Pacific
  • Attended by 12 APEC leaders, including President Yudhoyono of Indonesia, President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, President Abe of Japan, President Park of Korea, and many more
  • 1100+ top business delegates representing global businesses

How We View Talent

  • Ultimately Important

    Indika Energy values its employees as vital assets in a business where high safety standards and reliable services are keys to success. We focus on providing opportunities for talented people to join us in enhancing their skills as a basis for building a respected domestic company together. Joining our team means honing inherent talents into professional development and advancement.

  • Development Vital

    Indika Energy’s Human Capital management is geared to ensure talent development by monitoring performance toward pinpointing specific abilities and providing engagement in meaningful work experiences across our group of companies where knowledge and expertise is shared freely to ensure augmentation of individual talents and strengths to enhance individual competence and capacity for success and upward momentum.

  • Programs Supportive

    Indika Energy’s Human Capital programs strategically develop individual talents to encompass the diversity of our operations and workforce, thus forging the synergy that drives our business. The performance management, capacity building and leadership development programs of our People Strategy provide the opportunity for talented people at to develop their aptitudes though various upgrading activities within our performance-oriented culture.

Meet Our People

  • It feels proud to be part of an Indonesia company led by young, visionary spirits of impeccable integrity in which the work environment is conducive to growth and development

    Adi Pramono

    Manager, Corporate Secretary, Indika Energy

  • It has been a great experience and a rewarding journey working on many interesting projects related to the company's financing, strategy and growth.

    Kamen K. Palatov

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Investment, Indika Energy

  • The concern for its environment and communities - not just business - has impressed me, as has recognition from world class organizations, such as the WEF and APEC. Indika Energy is a true Brand of Indonesia in the making.

    Rewina Isnanto

    Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications, Indika Energy

  • When I was recruited, they talked about work-life balance, and I think we all took that with a grain of salt. However, I have come and seen that it's actually true

    Yusmedia Fitro

    Project Accountant, Tripatra

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