Green Business

We continue to invest in renewable energy, EV, nature based solutions

Indika Energy’s ESG principles are more than just an obligation; they are how we strive to do business as we transition to low-carbon outcomes. And sustainability is a key part of that: If what we are doing is not sustainable for nature, then it is not sustainable for business. This was the reason we focused heavily on green businesses, diversified into renewable energy, electric vehicle mobility and nature-based solutions.

Established in 2021

Business Type Solar power generation

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Solar power generator

In 2021 Indika Energy launched a joint venture with Fourth Partner Energy (4PEL), a leading Indian solar developer. The joint venture, PT Empat Mitra Indika Tenaga Surya (EMITS), will provides a one-stop-shop, renewable energy solutions platform for Indonesia’s commercial and industrial sectors. Fourth Partner Energy is majority owned by The Rise Fund, the world’s largest private markets social impact fund, with over US$ 5 billion in assets under management. The Rise Fund focuses on investments in private companies that have a measurable, positive social and environmental impact that generate competitive financial returns.

Established in 2022

Business Type Electric Vehicle

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Ilectra Motor Group (IMG) is a lifestyle mobility Solutions company with aspiration to become a leading electric two wheelers champion. Alva is a lifestyle mobility solution from IMG, part of Indika Energy, Alpha JWC Ventures, and Horizons Ventures’ Venture into the electric vehicles sector. IMG itself was founded to facilitate the partnership and build not only a two-wheeler brand, but also its supporting ecosystem, which is very much still nascent, including EV infrastructure for which further collaborations to be built with a partnership network. IMG will come with sophisticated electric two-wheelers design and top-of-the line performance, completed with great customer experience backed by supporting technology and mobility ecosystem.

Established in 2019

Business Type Nature-based solutions


A nature-based solutions company

Initially in 2019, Indika Energy established Indika Multi Properti (IMP) as one of Indika Energy’s backbones in achieving Net-Zero Emissions by 2050. Continuing the journey, in 2022 IMP transformed its identity to be a prominent company in nurturing nature for the planet and people’s livelihood with exceptional value for stakeholders. Our new brand identity is INDIKA NATURE.

With more than 170,000 hectares area of concession, our business consists of three pillars:
• Energy Plantation. We produce biomass (wood pellet). This renewable project will be delivered in a way which preserves the conservation value.
• Environmental Services. Our forestry assets are diverse in richness, we will manage the biodiversity within our areas to ensure the sustainability.
• Agroforestry & NTFP (Non-Timber Forest Products). We aim to manage sustainable landscape in nurturing several commodities that will contribute to the ecosystem and carbon additionality through collaboration with local communities.

Other Business Pillars

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