Our Synergy

As Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, we bring together energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.


Ensuring Sustainability

Indika Energy believes that long-term growth in energy markets hinges on concern for and nurturing of the natural environment and relationships with communities. Therefore, we strive to be a responsible citizen of the regions, especially where our operations take place.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Shareholders Value Creation

Indika Energy believes in creating long-term shareholders value through strong management, local know-how and synergizing its integrated business pillars of energy resources, services and infrastructure across the energy value chain

Our Strategy

Making the Best of a Challenging Situation

Indika Energy’s long-term business strategies are reflected in its focus on creating synergies within the three business pillars, boosting organic growth and expanding through acquisitions. However, due to the prolonged coal market downturn, Indika Energy focuses its efforts on strengthening resilience in the face of adverse effects from the global situation.

  • 1. To capitalize on Indonesia’s abundant natural resources and growth in energy demand, including identifying and acquiring attractive energy investments

    Indika Energy seeks out investments in the energy sector through a disciplined acquisition approach based on deep comprehension of energy assets. This requires Indika Energy to stay informed of natural resources regulatory development and to promote Indonesia’s economic development through its domestic and international interests.

  • 2. To integrate diverse energy platforms and extract operational efficiencies

    Indika Energy’s expertise and capabilities now span the entire coal energy operations business chain. Improved operational flexibility, cost management, and the provision of efficient services to clients throughout the value chain are critical to extracting synergies from this integration.

  • 3. To leverage existing partnerships and expertise in the energy sector by pursuing initiatives aimed at supplying and serving new markets

    Currently, Indika Energy plays a considerably large role in the coal mining industry as well as nationwide energy services, including the logistics and energy infrastructure (power plant) businesses. Kideco’s international customers include leading power plant companies from 16 countries across Asia and Europe. Its eco-friendly, low-calorific, low-ash and low-sulfur coal provides the possibility, through blending, of creating new products for new markets.

  • 4. To optimize production operational efficiencies by leveraging existing assets for productivity and efficiency in mining operations

    Through the implementation of structured planning and corporate work plans, Indika Energy strives to achieve optimal efficiencies in the use of resources, cost management, fleet management and operational flexibility.

  • 5. To continue to diversify earnings sources and stabilize cash flows

    Indika Energy’s business includes integrating attractive investments to diversify and grow earnings, while maintaining financial prudence to ensure value protection.



01 January 1970

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Financial Highlights
Investor Information

Komposisi pemegang saham per 31 Desember 2016

PT Indika Mitra Energi
Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors
  1. PT Indika Mitra Energi(63.47%) 3,307,097,790
  2. Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors(6.42%) 334,461,123
  3. Public (30.11%)1,568,633,087

Kepemilikan saham per 31 Desember 2016

Description Number of Shares Ownership
PT Indika Mitra Energi 3.307.097.790 63,47%
JPMCB Singapore Branch-2157804955 271.762.000 5,22%
Publik (di bawah 5%) 1.631.332.210 31,31%

Informasi Obligasi

Description Value Stock Listing Interest Rate Effective Date Maturity Date Rating
Obligasi 2018 US$ 171,4 Juta Singapore Stock Exchange 7% 5 Mei 2011 7 Mei 2018 “Caa1” dengan outlook negatif oleh Moody’s “CCC” dengan outlook positif oleh Fitch
Obligasi 2023 US$ 500 Juta Singapore Stock Exchange 6,375% 24 Januari 2013 Januari 2023 “Caa1” dengan outlook negatif oleh Moody’s “CCC” dengan outlook positif oleh Fitch

Kebijakan Dividen

  Dividend Amount
Dividend Per Share
Dividend Payout Ratio Dividend Payment Date
2008 437,40 84,00 40,32% dari Laba Bersih 2008 3 Juli 2009
2009 362,83 69,68 50,00% dari Laba Bersih 2009 25 Juni 2010
2010 249,94 48,00 (Dividen Interim) - 30 November 2010
135,39 26,00 (Final Dividend) - 29 Juli 2011
Total 385,30 74,00 50,00% dari Laba Bersih 2010 -
2011 312,61 60,00 25,79% dari Laba Bersih 2011 26 Juli 2012
2012 US$ 19,000,000,00 US$ 0,003647 21,79% dari Laba Bersih 2012 31 Juli 2013

Investor Relations Contact

For further inquiries, please contact investor.relations@indikaenergy.co.id

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