Social Program Detail | April 27 2021

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

Cirebon Power has for several years now offered a vocational training program for youths from nine villages in the community where it operates. During this period, some 1,000 young men and women have been taught valuable technical skills along with on-the-job training and internships, and many have gone on to become full-time employees of the company.

The program also emphasizes the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is a point of pride for us that, to date, 15 of our trainees in air-condition repair have gone on to set up their own AC repair companies. In a testament to their capabilities, they have since been contracted by Toshiba, a major business in the region, to service the AC units at the company’s office there.
It is also a testament to our philosophy that empowering individuals is an important part of giving back to the community, by imparting skills that can be used to build livelihoods, create jobs, and be a net social positive.

“We’re very grateful for this program that has taught us how to maintain and install ACs. It’s also given us valuable experience in the field working directly with a mentor. Cirebon Power has given us an opportunity to improve our skills. Now we have set up four companies of our own for AC repairs, with continued guidance from the program.” said Bambang Susilo, AC/refrigeration trainee technician from Kanci Kulon Village, Cirebon.

“As the head of the class, I’m very happy to have joined the training. At the very least I can now repair my own motorbike. I want to open my own repair shop, though I don’t have the money for it yet. When we were interning, we worked in repair shops, and some of the trainees were offered a position.” said Rivo, motorbike repair trainee technician from Mundu Pesisir Village, Cirebon

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