Social Program Detail | April 21 2022

In early 2021, Kideco started the development of the Samurangau Eco Park in Paser, East Kalimantan, as one of its commitments to environmental conservation.

Through the Community Development and Empowerment program, Kideco worked with village officials and traditional leaders to build Samurangau into a 45-hectare eco park that it is hoped will be the pride of the community. The park is split into a historical zone, a natural zone, and a cultural zone, giving community members plenty of opportunity to benefit from it.

“If we compare it, Kideco and Samurangau are like brothers who support and need each other,”says H. Arbani, a community leader in Samurangau Village. “This activity will open up economic opportunities for the villagers. This is a dream come true, and in the future this place will become the pride of the people of Samurangau, recorded in the history of our village.”

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