Our Synergy

As Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, we bring together energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.


Ensuring Sustainability

Indika Energy believes that long-term growth in energy markets hinges on concern for and nurturing of the natural environment and relationships with communities. Therefore, we strive to be a responsible citizen of the regions, especially where our operations take place.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, we bring together
energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain
which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs

Our DNA is "Energy Synergy"

Indika Energy as one of Indonesia’s major energy businesses, guides a group of major operating companies and a number of other business entities with extensive experience in the coal, oil and gas energy sectors. With a highly skilled workforce, the expertise stretches across the value chain from energy resource exploration to electricity generation.            

In 2008, Indika Energy was listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) in the midst of its drive to consistently develop and expand its business scope both organically and through acquisitions to firmly encompass all aspects of the energy resources, services and infrastructure sectors, which have become its three key business pillars.

Over time, Indika Energy has grown to become a fully integrated energy company with the capacity to sustainably extract increasingly greater value through leveraging synergic linkages in all of the operations. These linkages span from exploration, engineering, construction, production, shipping and transshipment to domestic and international customers to the utilization of the produced coal for electrical power generation.

In tandem with income from synergic cross-selling of services to clients among Indika Energy businesses, long-term cost control enhanced by the synergy of integrated operations stabilizes earnings and facilitates cash flow as the energy service and infrastructure business diversification contributes more significantly. This business portfolio strategy of complementary products and services to domestic and international customers is a core strength.

Indika Energy's Three Business Pillars


To be a world-class Indonesian energy company recognized for its integrated competencies on energy resources, services and infrastructure.


  • To capitalize on the abundant energy resources in support of the global economic growth

  • To create integration and synergies across businesses

  • To create optimum shareholders value

  • To continuously develop its human capital

  • To become a good corporate citizen


  • Integrity: Honest with oneself, others and one’s work at every moment by upholding prevailing ethical standards and legal norms

  • Unity in diversity: Viewing diversity as an asset to the company and accepting, valuing, completing and strengthening one another as a solidly unified entity

  • Teamwork: Actively contributing and collaborating based on trust and shared interests rather than personal interests

  • Achievement: Achievement as the measure of success and the motivation to do what is best for the company

  • Social Responsibility: Highly concerned for the environment and community, and contributing added value as well as contributing to the prosperity of the society

Our Strategy

Making the Best of a Challenging Situation

Indika Energy’s long-term business strategies are reflected in its focus on creating synergies within the three business pillars, boosting organic growth and expanding through acquisitions. However, due to the prolonged coal market downturn, Indika Energy focuses its efforts on strengthening resilience in the face of adverse effects from the global situation.

  • 1. To capitalize on Indonesia’s abundant natural resources and growth in energy demand, including identifying and acquiring attractive energy investments

    Indika Energy seeks out investments in the energy sector through a disciplined acquisition approach based on deep comprehension of energy assets. This requires Indika Energy to stay informed of natural resources regulatory development and to promote Indonesia’s economic development through its domestic and international interests.

  • 2. To integrate diverse energy platforms and extract operational efficiencies

    Indika Energy’s expertise and capabilities now span the entire coal energy operations business chain. Improved operational flexibility, cost management, and the provision of efficient services to clients throughout the value chain are critical to extracting synergies from this integration.

  • 3. To leverage existing partnerships and expertise in the energy sector by pursuing initiatives aimed at supplying and serving new markets

    Currently, Indika Energy plays a considerably large role in the coal mining industry as well as nationwide energy services, including the logistics and energy infrastructure (power plant) businesses. Kideco’s international customers include leading power plant companies from 16 countries across Asia and Europe. Its eco-friendly, low-calorific, low-ash and low-sulfur coal provides the possibility, through blending, of creating new products for new markets.

  • 4. To optimize production operational efficiencies by leveraging existing assets for productivity and efficiency in mining operations

    Through the implementation of structured planning and corporate work plans, Indika Energy strives to achieve optimal efficiencies in the use of resources, cost management, fleet management and operational flexibility.

  • 5. To continue to diversify earnings sources and stabilize cash flows

    Indika Energy’s business includes integrating attractive investments to diversify and grow earnings, while maintaining financial prudence to ensure value protection.

Indika Energy Group’s Operations

IAC Coal Mining Services

Project Description

In 2015, Petrosea was awarded an overburden removal contract by PT Indoasia Cemerlang (IAC), located at Kintap, Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan.

Location Kintap, South Kalimantan

Tabang Coal Mining Services

Project Description

In 2014, Petrosea continued to serve its longest client in mining services, the Bayan Group, to provide overburden removal and coal loading services for PT Indonesia Pratama.

Location Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan

Cirebon Electric Power (CEP)

Project Description

In 2008, CEP began construction of a 660 Mega Watt coal-powered steam electrical power plant in Kanci, Cirebon, West Java. Completed in 2012, the plant, which uses low caloric coal, succeeds in keeping Nitrous Oxide emissions significantly lower than government specifications through supercritical technology, which also results in improved cycle efficiency and lower coal consumption.

LOCATION Kanci, Cirebon, West Java

Banyu Urip EPC 1 Production Processing Facilities

Project Description

In 2011, Tripatra commenced the construction of processing facilities, well pads, flow lines, utility systems, and oil export facilities as part of the EPC of Central Processing Facilities for Mobil Cepu Limited in Cepu, Bojonegoro.

Location Cepu, Bojonegoro, East Java

Lampunut North Road – Stage 1 Construction

Project Description

PT Maruwai Coal, a BHP Billiton subsidiary, awarded Petrosea works that include land clearing, Lampunut North Road construction, maintenance of logging road and various others mine site infrastructure constructions.

Location Lampunut, Central Kalimantan

EPC Senoro Gas Development Production Facilities

Project Description

In 2012, Tripatra commenced the EPC of a Gas Processing Plant, including sulfur removal equipment and a Central Processing Plant in the Senoro field of Luwuk, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi, for Pertamina Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi.

Location Luwuk, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi

Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia (KPI)

Project Description

Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia (KPI) provides integrated operations, logistics, maintenance, and port management services exclusively to Freeport Indonesia at its port and logistics facilities in Timika, Papua.

Location Timika, Papua

Mitra Energi Agung (MEA)

Project Description

MEA is a 5,000 hectare greenfield low-rank (3,750 - 4,000 Kcal GAR) coal concession. Initial exploratory drilling by the MEA team of geologists has determined that the site could bear 40 million tons of reserves and 100 million tons of resources.

Location East Kutai, East Kalimantan

Santan Batubara

Project Description

Santan undertakes surface open-cut coal mining at a 24,930 hectare concession area in Kutai Kartanegara and Kutai Timur Regency in East Kalimantan. Based on 2011 JORC estimates, coal resources stood at 61.5 million tons, with coal reserves at 17.3 million tons. In the same period, non-JORC exploration estimated coal resources to reach 222.2 million tons, with reserves of 30.6 million tons. In response to the coal market downturn, Santan produced 1.8 million tons of coal in 2013, a decline of 32.1% from 2.6 million tons in 2012.

Location Kutai Kartanegara and Kutai Timur Regency, East Kalimantan

Santan Batubara Open Cut Coal Mining

In 2009, Santan Batubara awarded Petrosea a 60-month mine services contract for the 9.5 million tons of coal and 99 million tons BCM of overburden. Petrosea undertakes development of its 50% owned CCoW lease area, in partnership with Harum Energy, approximately 2 hours to the northwest of Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

Location Kutai Kartanegara & Kutai Timur Regency, East Kalimantan

IBT Coal Sea Conveyor Repair & Reconstruction

Project Description

In June 2015, Petrosea was awarded a contract to design, procure & reconstruct a damaged coal sea conveyor belonging to PT Indonesia Bulk Terminal (IBT) located in Pulau Laut, South Kalimantan.

Location Pulau Laut, South Kalimantan

Kideco Jaya Agung

Project Description

Kideco, Indonesia’s third largest coal producer, operates in Paser Regency, East Kalimantan, where it has more than 600 million tons of reserves and 1,300 million tons of resources consisting of environment-friendly sub-bituminous coal containing very low levels of sulfur and ash, which produce relatively low levels of nitrogen during combustion. Kideco’s coal production reached 37.3 million tons in 2013.

Location Paser Regency, East Kalimantan

Multi Tambangjaya Utama (MUTU)

Project Description

MUTU’s mine provides bituminous thermal and coking coal under a third-generation CCoW valid into 2039. MUTU has haul roads and a conveyor jetty with crusher as well as a barge port and is expanding its infrastructure.

Location Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan

Kideco Jaya Agung Waste Removal & Coal Loading

Project Description

In 2011, Petrosea commenced a five-year contract for operations requiring delivery of 26 million tons of coal and 110 million tons of BCM overburden in East Kalimantan.

Location Paser Regency, East Kalimantan

Tabang Haul Road & Bridge Construction

Project Description

In 2014, PT Indonesia Pratama awarded Petrosea works to construct a 69-km haul road connecting the Tabang mine with Senyiur Port, located in Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan

Location Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan

Freeport Levee Stockpile

Project Description

In June 2015, Petrosea was awarded works by PT Freeport Indonesia to construct a new East Levee, refurbish existing access road to enable 100 ton dump trucks to pass through and excavate borrow materials and stockpile these materials 20 km along existing levee alignments.

Location Timika, Papua

Petrosea Offshore Supply Base (POSB)

Project Description

Located at Tanjung Batu, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, POSB provides efficient and effective solutions for offshore oil and gas companies with its 195-meter jetty, three deep-water quays, extensive crane and material handling equipment, as well as low-cost hard stand and undercover storage facilities. POSB also features offices, workshops and international standard pollution control facilities.

Location Tanjung Batu, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Floating Production Unit (FPU) of Jangkrik Complex Development

Project Description

In 2014, Tripatra signed a contract agreement, for ENI Muara Bakau BV’s EPC of new Floating Production Unit (FPU) of Jangkrik Complex Development Project with scope of work includes engineering, procurement, fabrication of the FPU and the installation of a mooring system as well as hook-up, commissioning and assistance to start up.

Location Muara Bakau, Makassar Strait, offshore of Kalimantan

The Journey of Indika Energy

  • 1972
  • 1973
  • 1977
  • 1982
  • 1988
  • 1990
  • 1994
  • 1995
  • 2000
  • 2004
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 1972

    • Petrosea (previously known as Petro-Sea International Indonesia) was established
  • 1973

    • Tripatra was established
  • 1977

    • Tripatra was renamed to Tripatra Engineering
  • 1982

    • Kideco Jaya Agung (Kideco) was established
  • 1988

    • Tripatra Engineers and Constructors was established
  • 1990

    • Petrosea got listed in Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges (now Indonesia Stock Exchange) as PTRO
  • 1994

    • Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati (MBSS) was established
  • 1995

    • Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia (KPI) was established
  • 2000

    • Indika Energy (previously known as Dipta Diwangkara) was established
  • 2004

    • Indika Energy acquired 41% stake in Kideco
    • Cotrans Asia was established
  • 2006

    • Indika Energy acquired additional 5% stake in Kideco, increasing its ownership to 46%
  • 2007

    • Indika Energy completed mergers with Tripatra Engineering and Tripatra Engineers and Constructors
    • Cirebon Electric Power (CEP) was established with Indika Energy owning 20% stake
    • Tripatra acquired 45% stake in Cotrans Asia
  • 2008

    • Indika Energy went public with its initial public offering (IPO) in the Indonesia Stock Exchange for its 937,284,000 shares or 20% ownership
    • Sea Bridge Shipping, a transshipment service company in which Tripatra owned 46% stake, was established
    • KPI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tripatra
    • Intan Resource Indonesia, a coal trading and mining consultancy company, was established
    • Indika Energy acquired 100% stake in Indika Capital Pte. Ltd. (previously Westlake Capital Pte. Ltd.) and Citra Indah Prima
  • 2009

    • Indika Energy acquired 98.55% of Petrosea
  • 2010

    • Indika Logistic & Support Services (ILSS) was established
    • Indika Energy entered into option agreement to acquire 51% stake in MBSS
  • 2011

    • Indika Energy acquired 51% stake in MBSS
  • 2012

    • Indika Energy refloated Petrosea’s shares as much as 28.75% ownership
    • Indika Energy acquired 85% stake in Multi Tambangjaya Utama (MUTU)
    • Indika Energy acquired 60% stake in Mitra Energi Agung (MEA)
    • CEP reached its commercial operation date (COD) and became fully operational
  • 2013

    • ILSS acquired Tripatra’s 95% ownership in KPI
  • 2015

    • Indy Properti Indonesia (IPI) officially launched Indy Bintaro Office Park with Petrosea as its first tenant in June 2015
    • Indika Energy kicked off 1000MW coal-fired power project Cirebon Energi Prasarana with 25% ownership
    • Petrosea acquired 51.25% stake in Mahaka Industri Perdana

Good Corporate Governance for Sustainable Operations

At Indika Energy, the Good Corporate Governance principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency, fairness and equality are core elements of the corporate structure as reflected in the Board of Commissioners, Audit Committee, Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Committee, Human Capital Committee, Risk and Investment Committee, Board of Directors, and Corporate Secretary, all of which are inspired by the company values and Code of Business Conduct.

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Committee

The GCG Committee assists the Board of Commissioners with the comprehensive review of the corporate governance policies set out by the Board of Directors and with the assessment of implementation consistency; especially in the case of the business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility policies. View Profile

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assesses quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements to assure the Board of Commissioners that they are properly prepared in accordance with Indonesian Statements of Financial Accounting Standards. This ensures complete and accurate content that enables identification and provision of solutions with the Board of Director before publication. View Profile

Risk and Investment Committee

The Investment Committee assists the Board of Commissioners with reviewing the risk management system established and implemented by the Board of Directors. This monitoring and review is imperative to ensure careful assessment of the Company’s risk tolerance and the appropriate initiation and timely implementation of corporate actions. View Profile

Human Capital Committee

The Human Capital Committee assists the Board of Commissioners with scrutinizing, reviewing and approving the ongoing upgrading and expansion of the Corporate Organization Structure in line with the growth of the Company, as well as overseeing employee remuneration and benefits and the implementation of employee training and professional development. View Profile

Report a suspected misconduct?

As part of our Good Corporate Governance, Indika Energy implements whistleblowing system as a reporting mechanism to the management should anyone observe situations involving suspected fraud, misappropriation, cheating, conflict of interest, violation of the law or regulation or Indika Energy’s code of business conduct, or any forms of misconduct.



  • Bank Indonesia’s Best Foreign Exchange and Foreign Loan Pioneer 2013

    Through this award, Bank Indonesia conveyed appreciation and respect to PT Indika Inti Energy (the initial entity of PT Indika Energy Tbk) for its good foreign exchange reports, which Bank Indonesia deemed as being complete, accurate and published in a timely manner.

  • President Director Mandated as Chairs of APEC Business Advisory Council and APEC CEO Summit 2013

    Indika Energy’s President Director Wishnu Wardhana was chosen as Chair of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council (ABAC) 2013, an independent high-level group who advise the APEC leaders on priority business issues in the region. In addition, he also served as the Chair of APEC CEO Summit 2013, the premier business event of the Asia Pacific.

  • Indonesian Sustainability Report Awards (ISRA)

    Indika Energy received the Indonesian Sustainability Report Award 2011 commending the company’s commitment to sustainable growth as reflected in its fulfillment of the three aspects (Triple Bottom Line) of growth sustainability: social, economic and environmental affairs.

  • Indika Energy Named Role Model of WEF Global Growth Companies

    Indika Energy was chosen as a role model from among 315 World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Growth Companies (GGC) representing over 60 countries at the 2011 WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions or “Summer Davos”. WEF is an independent international forum dedicated to improving the state of the world by engaging business, social, and government leaders.

Recognitions being presented above are non-exhaustive