Purbaja Pantja

Director and Group Chief Investment Officer

Age 55, Indonesian citizen, appointed as Director and Group Chief Investment Officer of Indika Energy based on Deed No 28 dated 22 April 2020. He joined Indika Energy in November 2017 as Deputy Director – Chief Investment Officer. He also serves as President Commissioner of PT Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia (since October 2018) and PT Zebra Cross Teknologi (since April 2020). Also serves as Commissioner of Petrosea (since April 2018), Tripatra (since August 2020), Kideco (since January 2018), PT Indika Indonesia Resources (since March 2020), PT Tripatra Multi Energi (since August 2019), PT  Cirebon Electric Power (since August 2020), PT Cirebon Power Services (since August 2020), PT Interport Mandiri Utama (since September 2020), PT Indy Properti Indonesia (since April 2018), PT Indika Multi Properti (since October 2019). As a President Director of PT Indika Mineral Investindo (since October 2018) and PT Indika Digital Teknologi (since 2018). As a Director of Indika Ventures Pte. Ltd. (since 2019). Purbaja also serves as a member of Project and Investment Committee of Petrosea, Tripatra, Kideco, PT Indika Indonesia Resources, PT Interport Mandiri Utama and PT Indika Multi Properti. Also serves as a member of Nomination and Remuneration Committee of PT Tripatra Multi Energi.

He started his professional career in the banking industry. His previous roles include Head of Investment Banking, Indonesia at NM Rothschild & Sons  Singapore (2003 – 2007), Head of Global Banking Indonesia at Deutsche Bank Singapore (2008 – 2010) and Head of Strategic Coverage Indonesia at Standard Chartered Bank Singapore (2010 – 2013). He also served as President Director of PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk. and Senior Director at Capital Group Private Markets prior to his role with PT Indika Energy Tbk.

He earned his BSc (cum laude) in Statistics & Economics (double majors) from the University of California, Davis (California, USA) in 1991 and MBA in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) in 1993.