Social Program Detail | April 27 2021

Nenilai: Building a Meaningful Future Based on Strong Values

The concept of “gotong royong” is a uniquely Indonesian one that underscores the universally shared community values held across the country. Often translated as “mutual cooperation,” it is something that is practiced from neighborhoods to companies to the national level. It is especially important in the context of how large and diverse Indonesia is. With a population of 268 million, comprising 1,340 ethnic groups, Indonesia is rich in value. These values are born and developed in the language, culture and way of life enshrined in the Pancasila set of values and taught from one generation to the next.

Upholding these values and the principle of tolerance is at the heart of Indika Energy’s work with Daya Lima and other partners in initiating the Nenilai program. Nenilai is designed to better understand the values being nurtured within society through the National Values Assessment (NVA), a survey of public perceptions.

More than 50,000 respondents from all over Indonesia — of various ages, ethnicities, genders, demographics, educational qualifications, occupations, and more — participated in the survey. They were asked to pick the values that best reflected themselves, Indonesian society at present, and the Indonesian society they would like to see. The findings are valuable in identifying the common values that bring us together and addressing those that divide us, so that we can start a meaningful dialogue about the kind of Indonesia that we all want to live in.

At the company level, the Indika Energy Group previously carried out a similar initiative, called the Cultural Value Assessment (CVA), that sought to align personal values with organizational values. Company employees responding to the survey also shared their views on important values for organizational development and transforming the Indika Energy Group into a visionary organization driven by noble values.

For these values to be implemented properly, we need to sustain efforts to promote character building. Having the latest technology is meaningless if it is not supported by individuals with strong character. Educational and spiritual values are important tools in crafting this character.

Indika Energy and Daya Lima as initiators of Nenilai will continue to work toward the goal of helping fast-track Indonesia’s progress and creating a more meaningful future.

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