Governance Program Detail | April 28 2021

We have a grievance mechanism in place where concerns from all relevant stakeholders, including employees and outside parties, can be addressed.

We take very seriously our commitment, as a responsible member of society to respect human rights in everything we do. We understand that, around the world, extractives industries such as mining have a checkered track record in this regard, and we are determined that Indika Energy will remain an exception and a model for the industry.

We remain vigilant to the fact that the potential for human rights violations exists within our operations, which is why we plan for these risks to mitigate them. Our culture of respect for human rights is enshrined in our corporate code of conduct and human rights policy.

We have a transparent and responsive mechanism for any concerns to be raised and addressed, including a whistleblowing platform, and encourage anyone with knowledge of rights or ethics issues to come forward and report without fear.