Governance Program Detail | April 27 2021

Cyber Ninjas on the Lookout

The Cyber Ninja Task Force at Xapiens is responsible for day-to-day monitoring of cyber vulnerabilities across the subsidiaries. When potential cyber-attacks are detected, alerts or warnings are sent to the owner of the device or email address. Considering that 70-80% of cyber-security attacks are in the form of phishing, Xapiens also conducts phishing simulations to help Indika Energy Group employees recognize, avoid, and report potential threats. These phishing simulations are done regularly once a year, or more if requested.

In 2020, there was a major improvement in endpoint protection, thus further securing end-user devices such as computers and mobile devices. We also have a sophisticated backup system that is able to restore all the data in our system in the case of a major cyber-security attack.

We regularly conduct dark web monitoring for any information related to the Indika Energy Group or its management, which can be indicative of a security breach. The security team also conducts vulnerability assessments to identify and analyze vulnerabilities in the system/network.