Environment Program Detail | April 18 2022

Building the electric highway

Indika Energy is working with several partners to develop an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem that goes beyond just putting more EVs on the road. Through the venture PT Electra Mobilitas Indonesia (EMI), we plan to start with production of two-wheeled EVs, in light of the continued strong growth and high demand from the motorized two-wheeler market in Indonesia. EMI aims not just to be a maker of EVs that are attractive to the Indonesian market, but also to be a mobility solutions provider.

Over the long term, we hope to grow beyond EVs and shape the ecosystem that they depend on: from production to battery charging stations, and battery swap facilities to recycling services.
Our vision under the twin goals of decarbonization and diversification is that EMI can contribute to the government’s efforts to push for a low-carbon shift in the transportation sector, and to build the foundation for a national EV industry.

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