Our Synergy

As Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, we bring together energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.


Ensuring Sustainability

Indika Energy believes that long-term growth in energy markets hinges on concern for and nurturing of the natural environment and relationships with communities. Therefore, we strive to be a responsible citizen of the regions, especially where our operations take place.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Eddy Junaedy Danu



Appointed as Independent Director of Indika Energy in May 2014. Eddy Junaedy Danu joined Indika Energy as a Director in 2009 as recorded in Deed Number 123 dated 28 May 2009. He concurrently holds other positions such as President Commissioner of PT Tripatra Engineers & Constructors and PT Tripatra Engineering (Tripatra) (since April 2015), PT Indika Multi Energi Internasional (since May 2014) and PT Indika Infrastruktur Investindo (since May 2014). He also holds as Commissioner of PT Indika Inti Corpindo (since April 2016), PT Cirebon Electric Power (since May 2014), PT Cirebon Energi Prasarana (since August 2016), PT Prasarana Energi Indonesia (from August 2016), PT Prasarana Energi Cirebon (since August 2016) and PT Indika Logistic & Support Services (since April 2016).

Previously he serves as President Director of PT Petrosea Tbk (2013-2014), PT Indika Infrastruktur Investindo (2013-2014) and PT Cirebon Electric Power (2013-2014). He had been with Tripatra for more than 35 years, where he held positions such as Commissioner of PT Tripatra Engineers & Constructors and Executive Director for Marketing and Operational.

He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1973 and a Master in International Business from Prasetya Mulya Business School in 1998.