Environment Program Detail | April 27 2021

Technological Innovations for Cleaner Energy

Every aspect of the Indika Energy Group’s operational chain is regularly monitored, including at Cirebon Power. For us, reducing both GHG and non-GHG air emissions is about more than just complying with regulations set by the government. We are committed to keep the environmental impact of our power plants as low as possible, in line with Cirebon Power’s standing as a pioneer of cleaner energy solutions. It’s not enough just to improve performance, we also strive to improve technology. These are among the technologies we use to minimize the impact of pollution on our operations:

Electrostatic precipitator – The electrostatic precipitator regulates emissions by retaining and removing 99.8% of fly ash from combustion to avoid contamination. Its success is clear from emission parameters, where total particulate emissions produced are around 25 mg/Nm3, far below the government threshold of 100 mg/Nm3, with a concentration level of 10%, or only half of the maximum limit.

Double fly ash silo – With a capacity of 1,300 tons, the double fly ash silo collects fly ash, which is then transported in closed trucks to a cement production facility.

Temporary ash storage/pond – Used only in emergency situations, when the trucks cannot operate, for example during long holidays. This pool is equipped with upstream and downstream monitoring wells, and leak detection wells that will drain water to the wastewater treatment facility.

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