Environment Program Detail | April 27 2021

Revolutionizing How We Work Through Digital Transformation

Petrosea offers complete pit-to-port mining solutions, integrated engineering and construction capabilities, as well as logistics support while demonstrating a commitment to safety, health and environment, quality management, and business integrity. Project Minerva, which stands for “Mining Engineering and Construction Advanced Analytics,” is one of the most significant initiatives launched by Petrosea as a strategic step to carry out the digital transformation (DX) of its mining operations.

The aim of Project Minerva is to catalyze Petrosea’s transformation in order to ensure sustainable and superior performance in the years to come. Project Minerva was launched at one of the company’s most challenging and remote sites in East Kalimantan, where Petrosea has deployed multiple Industry 4.0 use cases, such as optimized truck dispatch, real-time monitoring, and drone surveys, which transformed this project from a loss-making entity into a profitable one in just over six months. Because of the success of Project Minerva, Petrosea was selected by the World Economic Forum as the only mining company and the only Indonesian-owned company to join its Global Lighthouse Network.

Petrosea also deploys its 3D approach (Diversification, Digitalization, Decarbonization) in supporting the Tabang and Kideco mining projects in East Kalimantan.

Petrosea employs a range of smart technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), smart sensors, and machine learning. Sensors allow for predictive maintenance of truck fleets, allowing for optimal operations and reduced carbon emissions. Artificial intelligence, meanwhile, is being developed to help the transition from coal mining to mining of copper, nickel, gold and lithium — all elements that are critical to a clean energy future. Through artificial intelligence, finding these elements will be easier and more efficient.

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