Our Synergy

As Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, we bring together energy resources, energy services, and energy infrastructure into a complete value chain which provides energy solutions to meet the national and global needs.


Ensuring Sustainability

Indika Energy believes that long-term growth in energy markets hinges on concern for and nurturing of the natural environment and relationships with communities. Therefore, we strive to be a responsible citizen of the regions, especially where our operations take place.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy Resources

Energy Resources business pillar focuses on exploration, production and processing of coal.

Indika Energy capitalizes on Indonesia’s abundant natural resources through leveraging opportunities inherent in the energy demand expansion for both the country and global developments. We do this through consistent strategic utilization of our existing mining assets to optimize production and operational efficiencies at the coal mines being exploited by Kideco Jaya Agung and Santan Batubara.
Multi Tambangjaya Utama (MUTU) and Multi Energi Agung (MEA) were added to the portfolio and are presently being developed.


    Indonesia’s 3rd largest and one of the lowest cost coal producers

    Kideco Jaya Agung, established in 1982, undertakes surface coal mining at a 50,921 hectare concession in Paser Regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, where it holds coal mining rights under a first-generation Coal Contract of Work (CCoW) until 2023. Kideco, which currently operates five open pit mining sites with estimated coal reserves and resources of 651 million tons and 1,376 million tons respectively, produces a range of sub-bituminous coal containing low levels of sulfur, ash and nitrogen, making it environmentally friendly for use in coal-fired power plants. As one of the lowest cost coal producers in Indonesia, Kideco produced 37.3 million tons of coal in 2013 and has supplied coal to more than 50 customers in over 16 countries.


    A high-rank bituminous thermal and coking coal asset in Central Kalimantan

    In 2012, Indika Energy acquired an indirect 85.0% equity interest in MUTU, a high-rank bituminous thermal and coking coal holding a third-generation CCoW based in Central Kalimantan, with a concession area of 24,970 hectares. Located approximately 30 km northeast of Ampah city and approximately 250 km north of Banjarmasin, MUTU has developed coal hauling roads with a capacity of 3.0 million tons per year and a barge port with a capacity of 5.0 million tons per year, while continuing to upgrade and expand its infrastructure to support future mining operations.


    A reliable coal trading company which ensures consistent quality and sustainable supply

    Established in 2013 and commenced to operate in 2014, Indika Energy Trading is sourcing, supplying and trading coal products to the domestic or seaborne market. Partnering with leading coal producers in Indonesia which ensures consistent quality and sustainable supply, Indika Energy Trading delivers wide range coal products from high to low calori­fic value for diverse industries.