Energy Services

Energy Services business pillar provides value packed end-to-end construction, operational and logistics assistance to clients

Indika Energy’s Energy Services pillar encompasses engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), as well as operations and maintenance (O&M), and logistics, to enable the consistent provision of highly effective solutions all along the energy value chain. Through the two main subsidiaries which are Petrosea and Tripatra, Indika Energy provides overall pit-to-port and life-of-mine services in coal mining and serves in the oil & gas industry development

Established in 1972

Business Type Contract mining services

Operation area East Kalimantan

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One of the largest contract miners in Indonesia since 1972

Indika Energy owns a 69.8% interest in Petrosea, an Indonesian company, which has almost 50 years of experience in providing mining, engineering and construction, and offshore supply base services in the coal, oil and gas sectors. Petrosea, which offers a complete pit-to-port mining solution through a comprehensive array of services to the Indonesian mining industry, is widely recognized as one of Indonesia’s leading energy sector contractors. Now serving major projects across the coal, oil and gas, and geothermal energy spectrum, Petrosea leverages its extensive expertise to provide high quality services and solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.

Established in 1973

Business Type EPC services for oil and gas

Operation area Central and South Sumatra, East Java, and Central Sulawesi

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Industry leader in engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas in Indonesia

Tripatra, in which Indika Energy has a 100% interest, has one of the longest service histories among engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) companies in Indonesia since its establishment in 1973. Tripatra also provides operations & maintenance (O&M) services and, through its associate companies PT Sea Bridge Shipping Indonesia (SBS) and PT Cotrans Asia Indonesia (Cotrans), offers coal shipping and transshipment services.

Over the past four decades, Tripatra has established an impressive track record for delivering reliable engineering solutions to major clients with infrastructure and logistics needs in the oil and gas sector. Its strong engineering capabilities and highly skilled project management are the key drivers of its success in winning and implementing a number of world class projects.

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